Thursday, October 9, 2008

World faultering before our eyes

This is such a surreal time. Just last week, I was running at the gym as the market was falling 777 points thinking "This is so odd, the market is imploding and I'm here jogging and not that worried. Something must be wrong with me." Then the same thing happened today-- jogging, noticing the disconnect. Maybe it's happening oh so fast and so hasnt' really registered in my life. We don't have a ton of money in the stock market and certainly don't have more than $250k in cash so no need to worry re bank closing. Our real estate biz will change but not really slow-- there are deals to be made in every cycle of the economy. And ignite-- a downturn is actually good for biz. It's recession proof.
But still-- the suffering. Many, many people will have a lot of hurt in their lives as a result of these happenings. And I'm jogging, again. Is it socioeconomic guilt?
I remember being fascinated with the quote "May you live in interesting times" when I was a teenager. Only in my twenties did I learn that it was not a positive wish on someone.
These are definitely most interesting times. Every decade in modern American history seems to have it's own flavor of pain or angst. But for some, this might be agony.
And yet I jog. It hasn't reached my bubble yet.

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